How to have a Great Game!

Jan 18, 2024


Here at Energy FM Bowl we like to make bowling easy and fun, so below we have explained some of the words you may hear used and also how to score.


Shown on the scoring screen as X : When all 10 pins are knocked down with one ball. You get 10 points plus your next 2 balls score double.  A double strike is called just that, a Double but a trio of strikes in a row is called a Turkey!


Shown on the scoring screen as / : All 10 pins are knocked down with 2 consecutive balls. You get 10 points for this plus your next ball scores double.

bowling ball and pins

Target Arrows

On release, look at the target arrows, not the pins!!
The first section of the lane is oiled so your ball will slip, after that it grips which is what creates the hook.  In between pins 1 & 3 is the sweet spot  (pins 1 & 2 for left handers!)

Choose your weight

The weight of the bowling ball is another crucial factor.  We have house balls from 6lb to 16lb.  We recommend children use 6lb, 7lb or 8lb, Ladies 8lb, 9lb or 10lb and Gents 10lb, 12lb or 14lb.  It is recommended to choose a ball that is neither too heavy nor too light. A ball that is too heavy can strain your muscles and affect your accuracy, while a ball that is too light may not provide enough power. Most bowlers find success with a ball that is around 10-16 pounds.

This is win. Young cheerful friends have fun in bowling club at their weekends.

Get a Proper Fit

Having a bowling ball that fits your hand correctly is essential for a comfortable and controlled grip. A ball that is too loose or too tight can negatively impact your performance.


Our lanes have an airbag under the gutters that “lift” them a little - so if you are a beginner it's a bit of a helping hand!  They can go up and down for individual players - just ask us when we are setting up your lane.

a group of children holding up bowling balls

Be Safe

Lastly your Safety is key to us here at Energy FM Bowl so :
NEVER cross the foul line - our lanes are oiled regularly to protect them and can be extremely slippy
PLEASE DON'T leave children unattended
No food or drinks on the approach area at any time